About Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts

Shoshin Ryu is a complete system of martial arts that places emphasis on the physical and mental skills required for self-defense and personal growth. These skills are taught in a supportive and non competitive manner with emphasis placed on the development of personal excellence within each practitioner. Shoshin Ryu is derived from Japanese martial traditions and is focused on western self-defense training and personal growth.

The development of the Shoshin Ryu practitioner leads to a skilled martial artist who is not a fighter but rather one who can fight; a martial artist who continually seeks to better his skills and personal understanding. The Shoshin Ryu practitioner is a warrior scholar who is at home with peace and not afraid of the challenges life brings. S/he is a person who develops toward his/her own concept of perfect self. S/he is a person who is at peace with her/himself because s/he is confident in her/his tools and abilities.

More information can be found throughout our website and at shoshinryu.org.


about shoshin ryu of Albuquerque & Sensei eric

Shoshin Ryu of Albuquerque was started by Eric Dehghan in 2009.   Since those first classes, Shoshin Ryu of Albuquerque continues to thrive and has built a dedicated and talented group of students.

Sensei Dehghan began studying various martial arts while he was in middle and high school. After graduating from college, Eric began training Shoshin Ryu in 2001 with many Sensei (Dale Snyder, Aaron Lawrence, Debbie McClellan) guiding him towards shodan (black belt). Eric regularly seeks opportunities within and outside of Shoshin Ryu of refine his martial arts skills and particularly enjoys nage (throwing) and knife. Eric likes teaching all ages and skill levels and is regularly humbled by the dedication and determination of all his students.