What will i learn?

The waza (techniques) of Shoshin Ryu are both empty-hand and utensil (weapon) based. They are taught as kihon waza (basic techniques), in kata (forms), ne waza (groundwork), nage waza (throwing) and goshinjutsu (specific self-defense applications). The waza are motions that are naturally effective, efficient, and work with the physical laws of science. They include information ranging from how to use Newton’s third law of motion to give you a more powerful punch to how to breathe more efficiently in the same manner as was taught to bugeisha some 550 years ago.

There are also mental techniques taught within the Shoshin Ryu curriculum which help to better focus and utilize the physical techniques. These include, among others, such concepts as mushin, mizu no kokoro (mind like still water), isshin (one heart, one mind), and zanshin (remaining spirit). These techniques lead to such traits as fearlessness, compassion, open mindedness, clarity/depth of vision and inner peace. These concepts allow for spontaneous, intuitive, and yet appropriate responses to attacks.

You can read more about Shoshin Ryu in the Beginner's Edition Journal!

Do i need a uniform?

Yes.  However, you don't need a uniform for your first several classes.  If you decide you want to keep coming to class, you can purchase a uniform from Sensei Eric.  The cost varies based on the uniform quality you choose, but will typically be around $85 for adults and $40 for kids.

will i get hurt?

As with all physical activity, there is a small risk of injury.  However, injuries are not common during the normal course of training Shoshin Ryu.  This is because you are taught proper technique and how to avoid contra-indicated motions.  Additionally, all students are taught how to take care of their uke (training partners) in order to prevent injury.

No. MMA (mixed martial arts), as seen on television and the internet, is a full contact, competitive sport that uses techniques from various schools of martial arts.   Shoshin Ryu does not focus on competition nor does it include sparring or "hand-to-hand" combat. We focus on situational self-defense techniques as well as improving the physical and mental strength of each student.

Is this the same as mma?

Absolutely!  The only caveat is that the age ranges for the Children and Adult classes still apply.  This means you can train with your child in the Adult class as long as your child is at least 12 years old.   We have many families progress in Shoshin Ryu together which provides a great opportunity for family bonding.  Additionally, parents enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their children are learning effective self-defense techniques.


Are there any hidden fees?

No, we are fully transparent about all costs.  You will be asked to pay for your class dues every month.  Additionally, there is an annual membership fee of $60, due by March 1st, that goes directly to the national Shoshin Ryu program which is a non-profit organization. That money is directly used to support the administration and other needs of the organization.  The only other costs will you incur are for a uniform and any optional merchandise you might want (t-shirt, gym bag, training gear, etc.)


No.  Shoshin Ryu does not emphasize competition or participate in tournaments. Martial techniques taught by Shoshin Ryu are highly effective and not suitable for use outside of real self-defense situations.